Borosilicate glass lab length 30mm Fermentation Test Tube

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Classification:Test Tube

Model Number:1233

Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China

Article:Fermentation Test Tube



Feature:Microorganism analysis


Advantage:Heat-resistant glass

Application:Laboratory, teaching, chemical

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Laboratory Glassware

Fermentation Test Tube

About Fermentation Test Tube

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Fermentation Test Tube

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Borosilicate (1)

When the multi-tube fermentation method is used to determine the coliform population in water, it is necessary to use the filling to place Duchenne tubule (also called Dehan tubule). If the filling is not good, there will be bubbles in the Duchenne tubule, which will affect the observation results. This paper introduces a method to place the tubule subtly.

Borosilicate (2)

First, the tube is filled with the culture solution, then a certain amount of the culture solution is absorbed with a medical syringe, the air in it is drained, the needle is extended to the bottom of the tubule (to prevent the formation of bubbles), and the culture solution is slowly pushed into the tubule until it bulges (the effect of surface tension), and then it is so excessive that the culture solution wetting the tubule surface. Because of the constant viscosity of the culture medium, it can make the wet Duchenne tube attached to the test tube put people slowly slide to the bottom of the test tube, without breaking the bottom of the test tube. After sterilization, it can be used for the actual determination of coliform. After many tests and repeated comparisons, it has been proved that this method can improve the accuracy of experimental observation results and improve the work efficiency.

Product Parameters



SiO2 Content >80%
Strain Point 520°C
Annealing Point 560°C
Softening Point 820°C
Refractive Index 1.47
Light Transmission(2mm) 0.92
Elastic Modulus 67KNmm-2
Tensile Strength 40-120Nmm-2
Glass stress Optical Coefficient 3.8*10-6mm2/N
Processing Temperature(104dpas) 1220°C
Linear Coefficient of Expansion(20-300°C) 3.3*10-6K-1
Density(20°C) 2.23gcm-1
Specific Heat 0.9jg-1K-1
Thermal Conductivity 1.2Wm-1K-1
Hydrolytic Resistance(ISO 719) Grade 1
Acid Resistance(ISO 185) Grade 1
Alkali Resistance(ISO 695) Grade 2
Thermal Shock Resistance Rod6*30mm 300°C

Scope Of Application


Medical field

Classroom equipment



Chemical industry

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